Sunday 29 August 2010

Sunday Challenge

How are those cybercrop projects coming along? We've enjoyed looking at the ones you've posted already and hope to see some more before 4th September. There have been some really ugly papers on show after last week's task too. Brilliant!! It's the final challenge of August today and you can link it using the inlinkz in the sidebar so that we can all admire it :)

So here's a new challenge for you:

'This is something that everyone will be able to join in with! Hopefully this will encourage you to go out with fresh eyes to take in your surroundings. Even if you can't get out and about at the moment, you can search online for a picture :)

Scrap about a local landmark, and what it signifies to you. Maybe it's the first thing you see when you step out of the house, maybe it's a monument in the centre of town. It doesn't have to be something that other people would consider significant. Enjoy!'

Amanda: Technically this landmark isn't in my hometown, it's about a 90 minute drive away, but it's one of the things that reminds me of home. It was one of the first places we visited after moving back to the area, so I thought I'd focus my page on that.

Surprise, surprise, I used mists on my layout! Is everyone bored of seeing them yet?! I did use a new product though - that Tim Holtz Tissue Tape. I have to say I think you might be seeing something else crop up on a lot of my pages from now on!


I found a picture of my high school gym which is known simly as The Dome. It is a very important landmark in my town. It houses the gym and the auditorium. It is actually supposed to resemble a baseball . . . but it often gets confused for a golfball or an alien ship!! It was built in honor of Harmon Killebrew, a retired major league baseball player! I found this picture of it in my old pictures and I mounted it on the school colors (red, black, and white). I then mounted the picture on a misted piece of white cardstock. I added a ruffle of red ribbon and stapled it under a star. I added another strip of ribbon and stapled it at the upper corner. To finish it off, I added the journaling in label strips and markers!
Happy Scrapping!

Anna:Across the road from us there is a Post Office in our village and I have lots of memories when it used to be a busy little shop as well. I used to go in there and get my little bag of jelly teddies!! It is sad now though as it is now only a part-time Post Office with no shop. But it still is one of the popular landmarks in the village and one I see when ever I leave the house and we still say 'we live opposite the Post Office!'

Fabi: Here it comes with the little plate (actually a refrigerator magnet) added.
Basically I wanted to use a big photo as main part of the layout and used 2 colors of mist to have a cool and simple layout. The journaling talks about how I was impressed with the city and I've added a touch using some stickers instead of writting. Do you like it? :)

I love that we can walk to such beautiful places from where we live. This is one of my favourite places we go.

I love old buildings and this local landmark has been a long familiar sight. I first visited this tudor relic when at school on an art trip and still have my sketch from this occasion! My journaling reads: "I have driven past this familiar landmark umpteen times and visited frequently. I love the sense of of history evoked by this topsy, turvy building and it's quirky charm.

Rebekah: I actually really really struggled with this one. I live in a town just outside Reading and it's fairly leafy and non descript with no major landmarks. There is a nature reserve where we walk the dog, but that's mostly grass and trees and I don't really see it as a landmark. I absolutely love living here but clearly it's not for the landmarks ;) What we do have in one of the parks is a graffiti wall. I actually love grafitti when it's controlled and there are some really talented people out there who are pretty nifty with a spray can. My fiance captured a part of the wall when he took Bailey's photo last week and I thought it would work well with this challenge. I lifted the LO from Jules the bling princess and I love it!


I am a city girl at heart. The city is about half an hour away from here as I'm out in the suburbs but it's still close enough to visit regularly. I love seeing the lights of the building reflecting off the water at night. It's one image I could definitely never tire of.

Scotland is known for its castles and cliffs. And bad weather. Here is the lovely local landmark that is a short drive from us. It is a lovely cliff area overlooking the cold North Sea, so visitors' children often come here in snow suits even in April.. the wind blows strong.

But the beauty of the area and the majestic cliffs and the ruins of Dunnottar Castle are a lovely attraction to visit. A bit of history, magic and mystery at the 'Cliffs of Dunnottar'.

The town of Middletown, New Jersey is huge. It borders the Raritan Bay and then stretches into farmland and forest to the west. There are lots of landmarks here, historical (this was a significant pass-through during the Revolutionary War) and otherwise. Here's the otherwise:
The 'Scary Clown' of Middletown, aka 'The Food Circus Clown'. His prominent location on a main artery that runs through our town has propelled him to stardom. He's even been featured in the movies. How could I not make a layout about this guy? He's haunted me since I moved to New Jersey back in 1974. So here's what I made:
materials: cardstock: Bazzill, patterned paper: Cosmo Cricket, Sassafras Lass, Studio Calico; stamps: Studio Calico (starburst, label), Close To My Heart (flower); letters: Cosmo Cricket, Making Memories; punch: Stampin Up; spray ink: Tattered Angels, buttons

I decided to keep this layout fairly simple. I stamped the starburst around some of the circles on the background paper, then added small punched circles from the striped paper used for the flowers to add a little fun & depth. The kraft backing page is actually misted with an opaque white spray in, just to give it a little extra detail.

As you can see, the Scary Clown is now employed by a large liquor store, which now occupies the space of the former Food Circus. Even though he's a little unnerving, I'm glad he has maintained his spot in parking lot all these years!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love love love love this challenge!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee everyones take on this and learning about the 'landmarks' in their towns! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I agree, Julie - it's so fun seeing everyone's landmarks! Great job ladies! x

  3. Amazing job, ladies! I love the layouts and the stories behind them. Ugh, I wish I could scrap right now!

  4. A great challenge and as I started reading I knew exactly what it would be - the Fisgard lighthouse which is in my neighborhood though the trees keep me from seeing it. Ahh then the first example is Amanda's lighthouse - too funny!

  5. Had a blast with this one - loved seeing the landmarks...can't wait to see more :)
    Great work everyone!!

  6. Very kewl ladies.

  7. Great layouts girls!!! I really enjoyed it all. But need to say that Valeria pictures and story is really fun! LOL :) XX

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    AMazing layouts ladies :) xx


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