Sunday 16 February 2014

16th Feb - No Photo

Todays challenge is a tough one! It is create a layout with no photo!
 There are some special moments that you dont manage to get photos of that still need recording so now is you chance to document them! Or maybe there's just something that doesn't need photos but you need to get down on paper. (You can use a ticket or something from the event though, as long as its not a photo!)

The design team did a great job, comes what they can up with;

I never have done a layout without photo before and first I had no idea of what to do. Looking for inspiration at pinterest and two peas I noticed that most of the LO without photo were list and as a list lover I decided to make one too!
My list is a "To do" for 2014, so I expect taht when I read this by the end of the year I can check them all!

What is on my list? 1.Move into a new house 2.Get a new Sailor Moon tattoo 3.Getting marry 4.Adopt a new cat 5.Star studying japanese 6.Buy a BJD doll 7. Get a new computer 8. Cook Sushi 9.To keep up with my project life. 


I don't do December Daily or project life or anything that comits me to following up by a daily bases - I have enough self insight to know I never can fulfill such projects *lol*

But on occations I document a week from Monday to Sunday, just to challenge myself. Usually it goes some photos with it, but this time time I took no photos, just wrote:

When I started documenting this week in January, it was supposed to be another "boring" week, containing the usual everyday life happenings. But it didn't turn out that way: my mum had a bad accident (she fell off the garage roof while shuffling snow and smashed her ankel), we have had some issues with Social Security which finally was solved, my FIL needed to see a lawyer after a car accident two years ago etc etc That's what all the journaling is about.

I have never done a layout without a photo before, but as soon as I saw this challenge, I knew that I wanted to use it to scrap my hubby's business cards from his job that would have supported our move to South Dakota.  He was there for ten weeks, and it was our plan to join him as soon as our house sold.  Unfortunately, our baby's pending arrival and the lack of interest on our house forced him to move back home.  Because my kiddos and I weren't there with him, I don't have any photos of the whole ordeal, but I had so much I wanted to journal of this difficult time in our lives.  So, the business cards seemed to say it all.

This was a really hard challenge for me!!  In the end, I decided to scrap my plane ticket to Hawaii.  My husband makes fun of me for being a bit of a pack rat and keeping ephemera from all different things, but in this case, I'm glad I did!


I don't often scrap without photos, and since valentine's day has just past I went with pinks and a heart themes and had a think about all the blessings and things that I love in life.

I was tearing my hair to come up with a page idea not including a photo until one day my sweet daughter came home with the cutest heart she made at daycare. I desided to make the page about just that.

Guest designer - Jenny
To make a piece without photo is fun but at first I had to do some thinking...again...LOL  ;) This time I chose to make a LO about one of my dreams...the biggest in fact! I want to go to New York, maybe this LO will take me closer to fulfilling my dream. I’ve made the "flag" myself out of cardstock, used some distress inks on the edges and over a stencil. A cut arrow leads the way to the map along with the piece of string.

Thanks to Jenny for designing with us this month, its been lovely to have you Jenny!

Our sponsor this month is AbsoluteSCRAP

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You have until 2nd March to enter both of this months challenges,

Hope that's inspired you to get creative!

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