Sunday 10 October 2010

Sunday Challenge

This one could bring all those embarassing secrets out in the open ;)

Guilty pleasures... everyone's got at least one, surely? What is yours? Feature it on a scrapbook page and tell the world!
So come on! Let's see those guilty pleasures. Here are the design team secrets...


There are some things you really shouldn't put out there, in the public domain. This may well be one of those times!

My journaling reads:
After dark, lights out, it's Metallica time! My guilty pleasure is taking time out, loading up Guitar Hero, and rocking out! Sometimes I play when, really, I should be doing housework. And as heavy as the music is, it soothes my soul. A place I truly escape to. And, of course, my pleasure has nothing to do with my unhealthy attraction to James Hetfield. I'm a rock chick at heart.

My layout even includes a Metallica badge that my OH bought me for Christmas as a joke ;) I still have 7 of those left. Maybe I should pull out my denim jacket from the 80s and start decorating??


My guilty pleasure is a British boyband called Mcfly!! They are loved my teenage girls but I sercertly love them too!! Their songs are great to sing along to!


Hey rainning for a few days now...and cold, it doesnt even looks like spring. i hope tomorrow there's a bit of sun or id start feel like a frog in a pond lol.
Im sorry that the picture isnt the best, but is been hard to photograph here latelly :/
I have used one of my US pictures (of course lol). This was in a very nice day at the beach, on my last weekend there.

So i thought about it and decided that my major (yes, i have more than one lol) guilty pleasure is finding some time only for me :)


My guilty pleasure. Come Dine With Me.
A UK TV series which I can't get enough of. I'm not overly bothered by TV, but do confess to sky plussing this series and I even daydream about being a contestant and put imaginary menus together in my head. Oh what a confession!!! How sad am I??!!


My guilty pleasure is having a PJ day – you know, one of those days where you stay inside clad in those comfy PJ’s, keep the world at bay, and completely chill out. I don’t manage to fit them into my schedule as often as I would like, but when I do squeeze one in, I always feel a little tinge of guilt for doing so as thoughts of the 101 others things I should be doing often creep into my consciousness!

I attempted to create a circular border frame to mimic the fabric flower on my slippers – this folds down when placed in a page protector.

As a thirty something woman I probably shouldn't be watching 'High School Musical' for pleasure, but I do. It got me through hours of cleaning and sorting for a week in summer when I went room by room getting back to basics, and I often have it on in the evenings when I'm crafting. It's so cheesy, but I love it :)


I have always had a thing for magazines. I don't know why. Even as a small child I remember sitting in my mom's hair salon reading Ladies Home Journal. Maybe the glossy representations of perfect lives, beautiful food, homes and 'things'...I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a theory. Anyway, my love grew as I got older - first to teen heartthrob magazines (anything covered with Andy Gibb) then fashion magazines as I became a teenager, on to home decoration and design when I started design school at college. Now it's any and all topics. I'm an equal opportunity reader. Just wish I had more time to read them!

materials: Patterned paper, stamps: Studio Calico; letter stickers, border sticker: Basic Grey; embossing powder: American Crafts


  1. Well i have to agree with Rebekah, High school Musical does seem wrong for a woman in their 30's but I love it :) so do most of my 30 something friends!!!!

  2. How FUN!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee everyone's take on this! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. LOL ladies - what great secrets and beautiful pages! I'm totally with Lisa on CDWM - inspired now to do a page about it as the whole family enjoys it ... so while it is guilty, it's certainly no secret!

  4. My guilty secret, well not so guilty or secret, but certainly a pleasure is here

  5. One of my small pleasures is to have time to do nothing! How often we feel guilty for all stop and hang out watching the time go? But how good are these moments!

  6. i loved the idea and finally managed to do a take on this challenge! my guilty pleasure is scrapbook supplies! i buy so many and don't always use them all but i would never give them away!!!!!


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