Wednesday 4 May 2011

Wednesday Extra - Birthday Planner by Jules

I quite often see things throughout the year and think 'that would make a great birthday present for x' and then when their birthday comes round can I ever remember what that great present was? Nope, not at all! So I thought I'd show you the birthday planner that I've made to try and organise myself a bit better :D
I've used seven plain brown square envelopes, which are just over 4"x4". Seal two of the envelopes closed (these will be your covers), and tuck the flaps in on the other five. I've used a bit of adhesive just to secure the flap inside the envelope. I then used a calendar stamp by Glitz Design which I stamped 12 times on to Kraft cardstock and cut out. I covered both sides of the five 'tucked' envelopes, and one side of each of the sealed envelopes in squares of patterned paper from the Basic Grey 'Hopscotch' collection. Using my Bind It All I punched holes in each envelope, making sure that the opening for each of the tucked envelopes was opposite the holes.
I kept the embellishments inside to a minimum, and followed the same pattern for each page: a calendar, a stamped journaling spot and the month. I adhered an office tab from the Basic Grey 'Hopscotch' collection in each opening in the tucked envelopes. I bound all the pages together using my Bind It All, and then embellished the front page using the sticker sheet that comes with the Basic Grey 'Hopscotch' collection pack, and a 'make a wish' sticker from SRM stickers.
I can highlight important dates and note people's birthdays on each page, and then each double spread has a corresponding pocket where I can store pictures and notes when inspiration strikes for that perfect birthday present - that way I won't forget!
You could create loads of different variations on this just by using different size and shape envelopes - and we'd love to see them so don't forget to link us up!


  1. What a fun and beautiful idea to use.
    blessings to you, Dawn ll

  2. Oooohh love this!! I have a calender stamp from 7 gypsies that will work perfect for this...wonder if I can finish it up in time for Mother's Day?? LOL

  3. This is so cool. I love it. Practical and pretty. Well done

  4. Ohhhhhh this is SUCH a COOL idea!! I loveeeeeeeeeee it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Now this is a really cool idea! A beautiful project with practical use!!! And the envelops... very clever!

  6. FYI - Here are my first and second attempts at this. Clever idea!

    1st (May, 2011)

    2nd (July, 2011)

    One of these days I'll get it right! :) I think the whole mass-production thing makes me cranky.


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