Wednesday 20 July 2011

Wednesday Extra: Altered Chair by Julie

Hi everyone! Julie Tucker-Wolek with you here today and I want to share a chair that belonged to my Father when he was about 3 or 4 years old! :)

I am going to give a spoiler here and show you WHAT I did with his chair! AKA ... the final result first! :)

I just love how this turned out! Now let me show you what I started out with and how I turned this....

Into my "new" chair I have shared above :)
 My Dad's chair started off yellow, and along the way someone tried to paint it blue, but never finished it :)

Now let's see what I did with the chair....
 First, I started by spray painting the chair green :)

Then I got a Prima Mask that I used with white spray paint to create my flowers on the chair :)

Yep! That is me getting down and dirty with the spray paint! :)

Now let's see who it turned out with the"masked" flowers on it :)

I used all Prima goodies on my "new" chair (oh, and some Tattered Angels mists and Tim Holtz distressing ink!)
Prima papers to make my paper flowers-

Then I misted them...

Now, its time to decorate! :)

Prima trim around the edges...

Distress ink around the edges of my Prima paper to make my "bouquet" holder!

Making the paper wrap for my "bouquet"

Some Prima buttons to cover the spot that I stapled the paper together!

Now, to put my bouquet together! I put tissue paper in the base of my Prima paper wrap to fill in some of the gaps and have a place to glue my Prima paper flowers too! 

Some Prima journal cards to help my title stand out... 

These Prima mistable titles are amazing! I love them!

Some of the flowers I made with an added Prima flower!

Almost done! :)

Here she is! :)  My final project! :)

A beautiful Prima butterfly!

A fun Prima birdcage! 

I truly enjoyed sharing this with you! I hope you enjoyed it also! Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. most beautiful Julie, oh sneaky Julie with little photos here and there on her blog! Love it and the paint techniques need to be tried here at my house!

  2. Good grief woman...this is truly spectacular...excellent work Julie!

  3. OMG!!!!! This is insanely cool! I love this chair, it is truly a masterpiece! I LOVE the beautiful colors & all the amazing flowers! Gorgeous work Julie! :)

  4. OMG that is truly craptacular. Who would think of putting some much stuff on a chair.

  5. So much detail in this—amazing! Such a keepsake piece for sure!


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