Monday 7 June 2010

Safmat and Images :)

Following on from this Sunday's Challenge Kelly has requested some more information on my LO so I thought I'd share it with you all here. I used safmat to print out the google title and the falling money. Safmat is a printable sticky back plastic that's so thin you can hardly see it when it's stuck down on a LO. It's great for creating titles and for adding accents to LOs and you can even print photos on to it. I bought mine from Indigo Mill where you can buy it by the sheet or in a pack. I've used it on this LO to add a top ten list of things about me and here the title is printed on to safmat and stuck on to the page for my 'There is no measure of my love for you' and to print the numbers in a circle for my countdown clock. On this LO I printed all of my journalling in various funky fonts onto safmat. Finally, in this one I printed off the flowers and once I'd stuck them on to the page, I used knotted embroidery thread to create flowers at the top, leaving safmat stems and leaves on show, and I even used it to print a photo of my son so that he could drive his Birthday cake car here :) It's certainly versatile!

In terms of finding images, I always use google images. Sometimes it means trawling through a lot of photos before I find exactly what I'm looking for, or a little bit of manipulation of images to make them work for me but generally you can find anything you want on there with enough combinations of searches. For example, for one of the up coming World Cup Challenges I wanted a football photo so I searched 'Football' and couldn't find what I wanted and then did 'Soccer Ball' and hey presto! Once I've found sites via google that I find useful I bookmark them for future use. For example, during the election I found the newspaper websites (The Guardian and The Independent especially) had good photo galleries so now I know where to go next time I want to do a news based LO.

There are probably copyright laws and I should be telling you every site I got every photo from when I do that for a LO.

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  1. I've just nabbed a few England flags from google ;)

    Thanks for the Safmat info! x


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