Saturday 26 June 2010

The Studio June Challenges Link

It's been brought to our attention that you lovely people out there have been playing along each week but have been having trouble linking their work using the Inlinkz link at the end of each challenge :( Now that so many of you have found our new blog we want to make sure that you're able to share your LOs with us so whilst we look in to this I've created a link for all the Sunday challenges in June. Please do use it to share what you've been up to this month because we really would like to see what you've been up to :) (If you've already linked to the post on 6th June then you don't need to link again)

June Challenges recap:
6th June: Have you ever scrapped a page about someone you've never met? Now's your chance! It could be your idol, or just someone who has touched your life in some way, but you've never had the pleasure of meeting them.

13th June: I want to see your pages about the number 13! It could be that you're a firm believer in it being an unlucky number, or maybe it's been lucky for you. Perhaps you just want to list 13 things you love about your hubby. It's up to you, but 13 must be there somewhere

20th June: Grrr! What gets right on your nerves? Tell us all about it with a spot of creative therapy! Get it off your chest... you'll feel much better for it

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the final Sunday challenge of the month. It's a good one :)


  1. I 've linkied my Grrr one again - tell me off if I shouldn't have :P

  2. Wooo!! Still got time to play :) Yay x


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