Sunday, 13 June 2021

13th June - Sketch

 It's that time again, sketch time!

 Today's challenge is this sketch, it was inspired by  DT member Rainny's 'Where you Live' layout. Hope you like it!




We hope these layouts have inspired you to give the sketch a go. We would love to see if you do, please link up your layout in the side bar.

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, 30 May 2021

30th May- Colour Palette

 Good Morning and welcome to the last challenge of May. Today's challenge is a lovely ...

 Colour Palette picked by DT member Rosanna.





We hope you like the colours and that they inspire you to get scrapping, please link up you finished layouts to the side bar by 13th June.

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, 16 May 2021

16th May - Where you live

Good Morning! Today's challenge is ...

Where you live; what do you love about where you live? Maybe it's your house, or the country, or something else you love?


Hello!  I live in Japan!  Covid-19 is in vogue in Japan now, and more and more people are staying at home!  But my kids are spending their stay home time very meaningfully!


Hello! Hello! This month, I knew immediately that I wanted to create a layout about my hometown and this little area of the coast. I lived about half a mile from this stretch of the coast for most of my life and it holds a very special place in my heart. To watch it slowly, ever so slowly, develop into the beautiful marshland that it is now - with all of it's wildlife - has been an incredible journey and a constant in my life!

My layout is sized to fit into a standard TN, with a vellum insert to hold the journalling. (It also stops the two sides of the photo paper sticking to each other.) It didn't really need much embellishment!


Hey everyone. I live in a small rural community in Nova Scotia, Canada. There's lots I love about our little farm, but I think my favorite thing is the space and the things we can do with it. I decided to create a layout about my grandson picking pumpkins in one of our pumpkin patches last Thanksgiving.


I live in Taiwan. Taiwan is not big, but it has many beautiful scenery. This photo was taken in Miaoli, Taiwan with my friends on New Year's Day this year. There was almost no epidemic in Taiwan at that time, but a crisis has appeared in Taiwan in the past few days. I hope everything can be passed smoothly as soon as possible.


I have been living in Genoa for 20 years. I love Genoa. It’s a very nice place.

Here is the sea, land hills and a nice climate ... but it's not the town where I was born.

The real reasons I love living here are enclosed in this layout.

We hope that has inspired you to document about where you live, if so please link up your layout to the side bar by 13th June. There's plenty of time to join in this month as there happen to be three challenges in May.

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, 2 May 2021

2nd May - NSD - SCRAP

  Good Morning! We hope you all had fun with National Scrapbooking Day yesterday, hopefully you have a little space to fit in one more challenge!

Today's challenge is ...

(I)NSD to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day yesterday we would like you to use items on your layout which start with each letter of the word SCRAP.


Hello lovelies! Hopefully, you all had a wonderful iNSD yesterday and are still in the mood for some extra challenges, because I loved this one! Obviously SCRAP is very close to my heart! 

For my take on the layout, I chose S - Scraplift, as my layout is inspired by a wonderful layout from Steffi Ried; C - Cardstock, for my beloved white cardstock; R - a rainbow of colours; A - adhesive dots, to keep all of those lovely embellishments where they should be; and finally, P - paperclips to hold my photo and journalling!


Hey everyone. Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! Hope you were able to take some time and be creative. For this challenge I used the following items:

S: stencil     C: cardstock, Cheery Lynn dies, circles   R: ribbon (burlap)    A: art crayons

P: pattern paper, pumpkins  


Hey everyone. Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! Hope you also have a happy creative time.

I used the following items for this challenge:

S:stickers   C:cardstock   R:red   A:animals   P: pattern paper


Happy NSD 2021!

For me Scrap is my happy place!

Thanks to the design team for their lovely layouts.
Please link up your layouts using items with each of the letters in SCRAP to the side bar, we would love to see them.
Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, 18 April 2021

18th April - Inspired by a Song

 Today's challenge is to be ...

Inspired by a song; create a layout inspired by a song, it could be the title or maybe the lyrics it's up to you.


Hello! The theme of this dt work was a song, so I created a layout with the theme of the Japanese animation "GeGeGe no Kitaro"! It features a humorous song!


Hello lovelies! I headed on over to Spotify to look for a little inspiration and, rather than draw inspiration from just one tune, I ended up inspired by the 'Summer In The Garden' Playlist that features lots of lovely mellow music. It reminded me of the visits to local National Garden Scheme locations each summer and I decided that would be the basis for my layout! 


Hey everyone. I chose the song by Pharrell Williams called Happy. I included some of the lyrics as well. 


This photo was taken at the playground that Jerry and I accidentally discovered during a trip. This let me inspired a Chinese song "Just Go", and this huge egg makes me want to say "Mamma Mia".


I create this layout inspired by the song "Girls like you" of Maroon 5

Hope that's inspired you to have a go. We look forward to seeing your takes on this challenge.
Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, 4 April 2021

4th April - Sketch

 Good Morning! Today's challenge is a ... 

sketch inspired by Michelle's selfie challenge layout. We hope you like it!

Here are the design team's take on it...




Tammy - this was a super fun sketch to work with! Love how quickly this layout came together! My grandaughter Everly Claire loves Peppa Pig, and loves her some "muddy puddles" too. 

Please link up your layout using the sketch to the side bar.

Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating!

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, 21 March 2021

21st March - New Life

Good Morning!

Today's challenge is...

 New Life; as it's almost spring here, we want to see new life on your layouts. Maybe it's the spring flowers coming up or a new baby or puppy etc it's up to you!


March 15th was my birthday!  My husband gave me a beautiful bouquet.  My happy birthday is the start of a new life!


"The beautiful spring came and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." Harriet Ann Jacobs."

I've created a 'Pocket Life' layout, to mark twelve months at home, in/out of lockdown here in the UK and how, a little time outside - at the start of spring - has helped me to feel a little more hopeful. My words stretch across both sides of the little 'Today's Adventure' card, so I attached a teeny, tiny paperclip to make it a little easier to open


I grew up on a farm and loved it when springtime would roll around because that would mean there were lots of new babies being born. I am so happy to have neighbors that raise beef cattle so I can see these little cuties running around the field. 


Hey everyone. I used a photo of my daughter and her oldest, comparing bellies a few weeks before the birth of her second. 



It is my daughter. This photo was taken many years ago. She was still a puppy at that time. This was the first time we shaved it by ourselves.


I chose a picture of my daughter where she was just 6 months old, she wear a carnival onesie sewn by me.

It seemed the most suitable photo to celebrate the birth of a very sweet new butterfly.


I went with the "New Baby" take on this one . . . layout of my Grandson Harrison Grant on the day he was born. . .with a little play on words.

What great layouts from everyone! I hope they have inspired you to give this challenge a go, if so please link up your layout to the side bar, we would love to see! 

Happy Scrapping!