Sunday 20 June 2010

20th June Sunday Challenge

Didn't this week go quickly? It did for me anyway :) I think that you're going to like Amanda's challenge this week. I know that I did!

Grrr! What gets right on your nerves? Tell us all about it with a spot of creative therapy! Get it off your chest... you'll feel much better for it

And judging from these LOs I'm not the only one with something to get off their chest:


My layout is about one of my favourite hang outs from when I was a child (and later as a teenager) - The Marshmallow Tree, as we called it. A beautiful spot by the river with the best tree to climb, ever! Yes, I was a bit of a tomboy.

I took Lewis and Tony to show them this spot, and discovered that Tesco has now built a big store behind the river, and a new housing estate has gone up. A bridge was built right across the river on top of where the tree used to be, to enable walkers to get to the footpath. I was so angry! I'm all for developing the area, but this was so unnecessary as 50 yards along the road is a walkway through the trees that takes you to the same place on the path. Why the need for the nasty concrete bridge?! GRRRR!


Trolley abandonment get on my nerves! Why can't people put their trolleys away properly?! It's not as if there aren't any trolley parks to put them in and even if they do make it to the trolley park they barely make it in properly. Well that got it off my chest!!!

I took one of the photos when I will on holiday recently and the other I took in my local supermarket I did get some funny looks from people! Following on from Rebekah's post about getting images from Google, I did the same and printed the stop sign off on stuck it on my layout.

Fabi I loved this challenge and tried to really scrap but also add a bit of fun in a theme that "shakes" us. So I took this picture from my husband, Francis, taken at a London pub. I think that his looks explain everything: He was tired of pictures and i was really GRRRRR because he never let me take a pic of him lol. And seriously, he is the person that can make me goes nuts and at the same time he is a very fun guy, so i tried to have both sides in this layout. The background I've done myself using a techinique learned Bianca from our team, with watercolor but altered it a bit and sprayed paint on it and let is slip through the page. I loved the effect!

Here some details.
LisaMy LO 'Love vs Hate'. I love my sister dearly. We are incredibly close and I miss her when I'm not with her, but I HATE smoking. Here she is at her wedding celebration. Now that all public places are non smoking in the UK, the minute you step outside, you step into a cloud of smoke. I hate it!!


One thing that always, without fail, makes me steam under the collar is spitting! I think it's a filthy, disgusting habit and it winds me up everytime I see someone do it. I decided to create a LO using a single chipboard blackboard page from a mini book I've never used, so I could create a chalk board 'writing lines' effect. I made a little mini easel to place it on from cardstock and had lots of fun creating ink splodges with black paint.

One of my pet hates is people spitting. I detest seeing people spit or the fresh remains of their filthy habit on the pavement. I think it's an uncouth and completely revolting thing to do. I mean, whats so wrong with using a tissue - no excuse, just plain bad manners!


I know that for a great number of people the planes being grounded during the volcanic erruption in Iceland was very irritating and expensive but for me it was great. I loved the clear blue skies without the scars left by planes. I loved the quiet despite living on a Heathrow flight path. I don't really notice them on a day to day basis but when they were allowed to fly again, I really noticed them and they really annoyed me. Gone was the tranquility and quiet. Gone were the clear blue, perfectly unaltered skies. And now that I've reminded myself of how quiet it was I'm noticing the noise again- Grrrr!


One of the things that really makes me say "grrr" is when my kids or hubby don't listen! My husband will forget entire conversations, and too often my children are more like brick walls when I'm asking them to do something. It can be really frustrating, so I am working on my patience and trying to be as clear as can be. But, grrrr! It really bothers me!

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  1. oooooh!! this a great challenge and Lisa i LOVE your layout!!

  2. Thank you Natalie : )
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with now.
    Girls, your LO's are wicked. xx

  3. Ohhhh I can so agree with pretty much all of these. Fabby pages everyone!

  4. I've decided I must be really grumpy, as I nodded passionately at all of them!

    And, Anna... I made sure I pushed my shopping trolly all the way to the back of the trolley park especially for you today!

  5. Great pages girls...this was a very fun theme to scrap!!! XX

  6. I did a non-scrapbook page, have been rediscovering my paints lately. Hope that's ok :)


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