Friday 20 August 2010

Let's get in the mood... PARTY!!!

So, 8am tomorrow (GMT) sees the kick off of The Studio's Summer Cybercop! If you know me, you know how impatient I am and you won't be surprised that I have a little pre-crop challenge in store for you this evening!

It's a two-part challenge - you'll need to create a layout and post a link to it in the comments, along with your answers to the quiz, which is part 2 of the challenge! I figured since we're going to be spending some time together tomorrow, why not get to know each other a little better?

So, here's the challenge:

Create a layout with a framed title.

And then answer the following questions:

1. What's your name and where do you hail from?
2. Who's your favourite scrappy manufacturer?
3. What product do you find yourself using most?
4. Do you prefer make your own embellishments, or buy ready made?
5. Have you ever taken part in a cybercrop before?

Here's my example layout, can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. Goodness I'm the first! here is my page, looking forward to tomorrow. Gonna try and keep up, scissors at the ready!

  2. BAH! Why didn't I spot this sooner, I'm shattered! Won't be up at 8 either, but 9/10 looks promising and will be joining in as much as I can.

  3. Wow Kathy that was fast :) Jenny, looking forward to seeing you x

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  5. tried to do a link but it didn't work--so here is the address to my pre-crop challenge

  6. Not got the energy to scrap tonight but will answer the questions as best as I can

    My name is Mary and I hale from Swindon Wiltshire
    I don't have a favourite manufacturer as I am a digi scrapper and make all my own pps, elements and embellishments.
    SO I use my computer most and the programme I use for all my scrapping is Serif page Plus
    as I said above I make all my own embellishments but very occasionally I will use some bits from Scrapbook Flair
    I have done lots of CCs in fact I did one last w/e Shimelle Laine's Summer CC and also for several years I have done the UKScrappers ones

  7. Looking forward to tomorrow and getting to know everyone!

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  9. Ok, off to soccer first then I will attempt the lo, will be able to scrap and watch our election coverage at the same time (ok I may be dreamin')

  10. Great challenge thank you xx

    Here's my LO and answers. Tried to do a link and mine wouldn't work either. Gotta work out what I did wrong.

  11. Shoot can't make a lo tonight! I am supposed to be cleaning my scrap room...but lol...don't tell...I'm taking a break!! LOL!! Looking forward to checking in this weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  12. Well, its 7:50am on Saturday and I am only just reading about the pre- crop challenge - duh!
    Sorry I missed it but looking forward to playing along as much as poss today :)

  13. Don't worry girls! You can still play along because you don't have to upload until 4th September :)

  14. Woo hoo - I've managed the pre-crop challenge -
    Let's hope I get some more done this weekend too - thanks for the inspiration!

    As to the questions - I'm Jemma from Haslington; I'm a complete tart where PPs are concerned - I love whatever is on my desk; I use a lot of raw chipboard - I love making it "mine"; which answers the next question - I make a lot of my own embellishments; and yes, I love cybercrops!

  15. here is my LO for this challenge


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