Wednesday 17 November 2010

Wednesday extra 17th November 2010

We have a real treat for all you bunting fans out there today!  Literally!  It really is bunting that you can store treats in!  Intrigued?  Want to know more?  

Here is Val's tutorial .......

I first made these boxes when experimenting with a scoring board. They are extremely easy to make and very versatile. When I turned them upside down, I realized they looked pennant shaped. Each compartment can easily be filled with small gifts and treats. The boxes can be made in a variety of sizes and can be used like this, as individual gift boxes, party or wedding favor boxes, tree ornaments or if you feel like making 25 of them, a pretty cool advent calendar! Here's a side view to show the shape of the boxes:

here are the boxes as individual ornaments:

I used winter holiday papers for mine, but these could easily be adapted to any holiday or occasion with a change of paper and embellishments.

A tutorial for these easy-to-make boxes can be found here.


  1. I love the banner boxes.....I make the boxes for my son as an advent calendar every year!...they are great fun!!


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