Sunday 26 June 2011

26th July - Layout Challenge

Hi Everyone, hope this finds you well and ready to get creating for this layout challenge!

This weeks challenge is to 'Create a page about something you dislike about your job. Whether you're a full-time mother or employed by somebody else, what is the thing that drives you nuts?  Come on, everyone has something!'

Unfortunately I've had flu this week and I've been really poorly so I haven't managed to make a layout for this week so I will leave you with the other lovely DT members takes on this challenge.

This week's challenge was just that - a BIG challenge for me.  I could have chosen to do a layout about my job as VP of Marketing for a small business but I really didn't want to do a lot focusing on what I hate about that job.  I thought about doing it on Mt. Laundry and how it seems impossible to reach the top of that mountain. I could have chosen my absolute detest for cleaning bathrooms but to tell you the truth my hubby steps in and does all the things I hate to do around the house (he's such a great man!). Instead I chose to focus on my job as mommy because it's the most important one to me.  I can't say there is anything I hate about it so I am focusing on the demands of it being a 24/7 job and how I would typically complain about it if it were any other job.

I have a love/hate relationship with running my business. I love working for myself and from home but the hours are very tiring. I can never close the door on work. There's always something that needs to be done.

This layout is based on the tough decisions I had to make when trying to decide whether to go back to work or stay at home with the kids. I was indeed at a crossroads, because I love my work, I had studied for so many years and of course the financial factor weighed in as well. Ultimately, the need and desire to stay with the kids won over and even when I went back to work recently I only work 2 days. I could not see my self as a career woman any more..not without sacrificing my emotional attachment with my children. I wanted this more than anything. I did not want to be a stranger to my kids or for someone else to raise my children. So this in the end, made the choice easy. I have included some hidden journalling at the top right about my feelings.

Hope these layouts have inspired you to get you feelings down on a page for this challenge, if you do create something we would love to see it so please link it up.


  1. What a GREAT challenge and loving what the girls created for it! :):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I'm having such an I HATE WORK week... so it would be the perfect challenge LOL


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