Sunday 22 January 2012

22nd January Challenge

Today Julie's challenge is 'Do you remember Sesame Street? How they'd always do "Brought to you by the letter___" at the end of the show?
I'm sort of channeling that for this month's challenge. Do a layout 'brought to you' by whichever one of the 26 that tickles your fancy. It could be the layout content, title...whatever you want, just so there's a focus on one letter.'

Here's Julie's layout:
I went with I is for Ian. :) 
I used the biggest chipboard "I" I had in my drawer...misted it, and then used some Goosebumps Shimmer Texture Spray, for a fun finish.

Loved this challenge! There was only one letter I could use, which I incorporated into the title.


I loved this challenge and have mentally bookmarked it for future reference - so many possibilities! I decided to focus on the letter "U" as a play on words.

I printed off words to do with the sea all beginning with S.

This was a fun challenge and I had a hard time narrowing down my subject. I'm definitely inspired to make a few more layouts thanks to this prompt!

We look forward to seeing all your letter inspired layouts, link them up!


  1. This was a fun challenge! :) Here's my take:

  2. Hi Mariella - Inlinkz will be back, in the meantime you can just post a link in the comments :)


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