Sunday 12 October 2014

12th October - Big Photo

Today we want you to create a layout that focuses on the photo. Please use a photo that is bigger than standard 4" x 6" size on your layout, how big can you go?!


For this layout the first decision was, of course, the photo. I thought "which is the first photo that comes to my mind that I really love but I haven't used in a layout yet?". And Lola's photo as a less two months old kitten came to my mind:

HeeSun Kim

A few days ago, I went to a park called "Sky Park". There is only filled with flame grass. I've got peace of mind there. And, I felt the love. I have print large photo of 12 x 12. I think it was a very good choice.


These guys are my two sons during a session with two professional photographers at a cruise earlier this fall. When I picked this photo as one of my favs, the photographers though I was crazy - was this something to keep? I knew it would be perfect for telling the story about the session and I love how this layout came out.
I do apologize for the slighty angled image - I need to practise on taking good shots of my layouts :-)

I hope that I didn't totally cheat this one.  While I'm more of a small photo scrapper, I really would've loved to do this one justice with a big photo; but with my busy schedule, I just didn't have time to sort through my thousands of photos to pick one that deserved the larger size and have it printed in time.  I did want to get this 5-3/4" x 8" birth announcement for my littlest into his book, though.  So, I went with it, using the palette from the announcement itself as inspiration and pulling in a few of my favorite patterns (i.e. gingham, polka dots, and bitty florals).

I had a really hard time with this challenge.  I will admit that large photos make me uncomfortable.  I've had this family photo laying around for a while.  I am not too happy with the end result - I guess that means I just need to keep practicing!  :-)


Long ago as a project had scrapear This photo is not wanted me to another job decorating my house, until finally win out and can translate a simple and details idea. A worn photograph with the time it deserves be collected and treasured.

This was sooooo hard for me! I am accustomed to using smaller photos for some reason. I'm glad I stuck with it, though. I am tickled pink with the end result. This photo of my little boy deserved to be big anyway. :)  

I loved this challenge! I had my photo printed as an 11x14, then I trimmed it down to 11x12 and filled the additional space with tags and die-cuts. Can you believe this started as an iPhone photo?

The design team did a great job again! So now its your turn, what an you do with a big photo? You have until 9th November to enter.
Happy Scrapping!


  1. Such adorable photos and layouts, hope to be joining in with this one :)

  2. all of the layouts are lovely, I can't believe this was a challenge for you guys cause you made it look so effortless :) Kat-fine job!~ and Jinny-I love that you used the announcement (so outside the box and such a great idea)

  3. Kat pues yo encuentro hermosa tu layout! todas están preciosas, intentaré utilizar una foto más grande de lo usual, cariños!

  4. Great layouts!! Where can I post my layout for this challenge??

  5. Here is mine:

  6. Loving everyone's take on this challenge -- I didn't see a current link up -- so here is mine :)

  7. Where is the October link up? Here is my submission since there isn't a link up:

  8. Sorry ladies, late adding it. I've added it now to the side bar!


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