Thursday 15 July 2010

It's time to vote!

Oh my goodness! We need your votes! Below are the beautiful creations made by our 8 DT contest finalists. It's now time for you to vote for your favourite. Simply vote by selecting your favourite from the list in the sidebar. Here's a reminder of the challenge they created for:

Scrap about the bravest thing you have ever done. Have you taken a big risk in your life? Did it pay off? And THEN... make a card from the scraps left over from creating your page!

Let's get right to it, shall we? In no particular order... here are the entries!

Valerie Mangan

The hidden journaling on my layout documents a solo trip to California that became the symbolic finale to a year of big change for me. A year of brave acts, decisions & risks.
The layout features my actual boarding passes, along with some vintage-style ephemera. By stitching the ledger paper to the cardstock base, I was able to cut a pocket behind the photos for the journaling tag. I stitched around the border, the photo block, through the corrugated alphas and arrow to tie it all together.

My scrap consisted of thin strips of ledger paper, some of the graph paper and the waste from the back of the alphabets. I used it all & added some stitching to make a graphic travel card.

Anna Parker

I have really enjoyed this challenge, although at first I thought, I don't think I've really done anything that brave. But when I thought about it more, I realised that having my little boy was the scariest, bravest and most amazing thing that has ever happened to me all rolled into one. Every mum to be feels lots of different emotions before giving birth and I remember my midwife saying that I was doing really well and being really brave. So thats why I chose this subject. I have used a mixture of Jenni Bowlin and October Afternoon papers on this page along with some pegs and a nice little poem that I found about being a mum.
For the card I used my left over scraps of paper and kept the subject of babies for a 'Congratulations' card. I used a few of my favourite punches, a pin and some rhinestones. I also added some detail to the envelope to tie it all in together. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope I have done enough to make it on to the design team! Anna x

Sue Mylde

There were two things that I wanted to achieve with this layout - first to find a way to incorporate my extensive journaling and second, to use some fun embellishments which represent my personal style within the layout. For the journaling, I decided to divide my journaling into three parts - one at the top of the layout, second under the title, and a short conclusion at the bottom of the page. My personal style includes layering, and using different textures. Using bling, ribbon, rub-ons, chipboard and even masks and misting helped me to create a fun, textured layout with many things to look at. The textures within the title, using two different alphas, lend itself to reading the title in two ways - 'Find Courage' and 'In Motherhood I Find My Courage'. This is such a meaningful layout (with my favorite pregnant pic!) and I wanted all the elements to come together to help tell my story in a sweet way.

Using the scraps from the layout, I created this fun, simple card: Just A Hello. I used a remaining patterned paper and used similar misting techniques with butterfly masks, which I then adhered to the central features of the card. Adding a bit of bling and using a similar textured title makes the sentiment stand out on the card - very important for a card! To give the card additional texture, I adhered on some lace and a scallop-punched panel of patterned paper. I love this card... but who do you think I should give this card to??

Marie Johansson

I´m not a person who has done many brave thing in my lifetime. I chose to share with you my thouhgts about giving birth to my second child. Delivering my son Max was easy, but afterwards the things begun getting wrong. The placenta got stuck, and the whole thing got quite dramatic. So, for a long time I did decide not to have any more children. Convincing myself to have a second child, and overcoming the fear and chaotic thoughts abot delivering is a thing I´m really proud of doing. So giving bith to my daughter Alice is probably the bravest thing I´ve ever done. I´ve used playful and girly papers on this one. Not only pinks, since my daughter isn´t a pink girl. I torn papers and layering. The tags holds the journaling.

For the card I´ve used the leftovers from the overlay and two other papers. I like my cards to be simple, and this is a typical "Mison" card.

Melissa Wright

The bravest thing I have ever done is to audition for so you think you can dance canada. I auditioned a year ago, on a cold April day. I was so nervous as I had never done anything like that before!! It didn't pay off, I was not selected to go through, but I was happy I did it and can say I was a part of the process. The picture in this LO captures exactly how I was feeling as I waited in line and was stretching to get ready. It shows my happiness but I can remember how nervous I was. That is what I love about scrapbooking being able to remember the special moments in life. Thank you for letting me be a part of the finalists!

Sara Noendeng

When I first saw this challenge, I had a mind blank. I have never done anything I would call brave so how was I going to scrap this challenge? I decided to go with the possibility of being brave one day and that I would hope that I can be if the situation ever arose.

My card was created from my scraps, the black cardstock from the photo mat, another journal block, the last flower in the pack and some blings and alphas from the same sheets.

Sookie Francisco

Deciding to work in Singapore was one of the biggest and bravest decision in my life. Having led a secured life in the Philippines, I was hesitant yet I wanted to fulfill my dreams. It was a life-changing decision and I never regretted it. I got to know myself and was able to face my new life heads-on. After ahwile, I realized it was not scary after all. It was my life's greatest adventure.

For the layout, I used Webster's Pages Seaside Retreat New Discoveries as based. Don't you think that the paper itself speaks about my theme? :-) I went crazy with the tearing but it gave dimension to the page. The Merlion is one of Singapore's icons. I thought it is fitting to print a picture of it to show that my destination was Singapore. I printed it in an off-white cardstock, handcut it then created a cluster of flowers at its bottom. The journal is hidden. If you pull up the red baggage, it will show you my handwritten journal.

As for the card, the base of the card is Webster Pages once again. I stamped an image of the girl in the swing and adhered the twine. I then added some flowers. And, inked and misted the bottom (ground). I also stamped a sentiment which is just perfect for a friend I wish to give the card to.

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

Michelle Neddo

I love how a challenge can make you step out of your comfort zone, or can
prompt you to do something you wouldn't otherwise. That's exactly what this
challenge was to me (guess that's why they call it a challenge!) Sometimes
a scrapbook page is story-driven, sometimes photo-driven, and sometimes,
I'll admit, product-driven. This page began with the story, and it was fun
to feel it evolve into itself as I wrote. I live a pretty charmed life, one
not really filled with any acts of real bravery. And as I wrote about how I
am not brave, I began to realize that I actally am, in my own quiet way. I
really wanted the words and photo to take center stage, so I kept the
accents on this LO to a minimum. I removed the flowers from a bracelet and
spray painted them in pink and white. You can read the journaling at my

I had to scrounge for some scraps for this card--my layout didn't leave much
in the way of scraps. I punched the 2 squares and 2 butterflies from the
paper plate I spray painted the flowers on and 2 squares from the packaging
from the silk flowers. Quick and simple!

Voting will close at the end of Wednesday 21st July (midnight UK time), and the winners will be declared on Thursday 22nd! Choose your vote carefully as you can vote only once!


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